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Connecting with Spirits for your Message
All of My Readings are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Hello, thank you for visiting Private Psychic Readings. My name is Carol. I am a full-time psychic medium, this is not my hobby, this is what I do. My quest is to help people receive their answers by giving them a personal psychic intuitive reading & connect them with their loved ones on the other side with a psychic medium reading.
HERE’S HOW IT WORKS:  All of my psychic readings are given in person or via the telephone and sometimes using Skype. The reason I don’t offer readings via email is because it’s not nearly as easy for me to receive the personal messages for you if I can’t feel your vibrational energy from your voice. It’s that energy that taps me into spirits who are speaking, showing and giving the feelings messages for and about you. I don’t receive the messages because of the words that you speak – meaning, I’m not asking you to speak to me and tell me about yourself so I can receive your messages. That would be dishonest on my part.  What I am saying is, it doesn’t matter what the words are that you speak to me. So you could re-sight nursery rhymes to me. That would be fine. I just need to be able to feel your voice vibration in order to receive the seeing, hearing and feeling messages for you sent from the spirits.  That is how I am easily able to receive and convey very powerful psychic messages for you, both in personal readings and medium readings (contacting your loved ones on the other side).
I am a full-time Psychic who gives Private one-on-one Psychic Readings
via telephone or in person.
The Art of Allowing – Abraham Hicks
The art of allowing is being aware of what you want in your life & allowing yourself to attract it into being.  This event happens when we relax and become the same vibration as the thing we wish to attract. We have to release the resistance.  Meditation quiets the mind, which brings it to the correct vibrational level and allows manifestation of all that we want to experience in this life – Carol
 Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive And Believe, It Can Achieve – Napoleon Hill
In meditation, you will realize that God and ALL of the other spirits that you talk with and pray to throughout your day, are spirits that live within you. They always have there and they always will a huge part of who you are. They’re not just around you or out in heaven somewhere looking down on you. They’re there inside your spirit experiencing everything that you do, think and who you are. Dividing them from you would be like dividing the colors red and blue after they have become purple. This knowledge is an amazing relationship that they will lovingly show you while in meditation. – Carol
What you seek is seeking you. So relax and allow it to find you. – Carol
I don’t search for what I want. I simply allow it to find me. – Carol
You’ll enjoy my amazing spirit influence psychic abilities at these gatherings, both large and small 
House Parties
Corporate Parties
College Parties
Public Events
Fund Raising
All kinds of Gatherings
At these events, I give everyone in the room a 5-minute personal reading, Tarot Card reading, palm reading or a past life reading. All psychic readings are wonderfully insightful, intuitive and fun. I can add zest to your party: giving people insights into their lives, information that they may find useful or just a good laugh. Do you want your guests giggling, entertained, and more importantly, talking about your event for years to come? Then hire me for your event.
I travel nationwide for events. Please look through my website for additional information on my abilities.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee on ALL of my work
PLEASE NOTE: The 100% satisfaction guarantee is not a guarantee that you’ll like the message that I receive from spirit. No honest psychic could ever guarantee that. It’s a guarantee that if I am unable to receive and convey any helpful guidance for you from spirit then you should receive, and will receive a full refund. The whole reason for seeking a reading is so you will obtain the guidance you need from spirits. So it’s my job to make sure you receive what you seek.