In 2016 Carol dreamed of 6 balls popping up and down with a number on each ball. She dreamed of the same numbered balls for two nights in a row. Because she allowed that dream to be a message from God she played those same 6 numbers and won a very large Lottery jackpot.

Carol is now retired from PPR and is helping many people in many other ways. Thank you for visiting Private Psychic Readings.

Always follow your dreams & allow what you seek to find you.  

 Ghost / Demon / Spirit Cleansing of House / Office or other Buildings:

If you have an environment that you think may have paranormal activity and you’d like to get rid of that activity then please call me help. It takes me about 45 minutes to two hours (depending on the size of the environment) to cleanse your house/office or building of all negative spirits. When I leave you will not see, hear or feel anymore ghost in that environment.

I charge $200 to cleanse a home or office and $300 to cleanse a large building, plus travel expenses. Because I have a 100% success rate in these cleansing I offer a  1 YEAR GUARANTEE! If you see or hear any paranormal activity in the same house or building within 1 YEAR after I’ve performed a cleansing then I’ll RETURN AND PERFORM A SPIRIT CLEANSING CEREMONY RITUAL AT NO CHARGE TO YOU!

Please contact me for more information about this service